Sunday, 11 July 2010

Staff show.

So last night was the staff art show. It was wonderful.
Jeri sold a few comics which was nice, and we got to see everyone's work. It was really neat :D each staff member had 5x8' of wall space to post our outwork however we wanted.

This is mine and on the right is Kitty's wall space. We each put up some art work and sketch cards. No one bought my sketch cards of course, but Kitty sold 5 comics! That was a nice little treat! We really only brought them to show them off a little, since that's where all of Kitty's art work really is.
I posted a copy of the DVD my animation is on, for some reason, HAHA!

There was also a table set up in the middle where we put business cards and things that couldn't hang on the wall. everyone took some buttons, and browsed through books and portfolios. Aside from the fact there was also food on the table (which I object to, as we just had tons of food, and we also had artwork on the table,  and I found it really disrespectful to have people eating over the art), it was really neat!
We had 2 little sections set up with our books and business cards.
Kitty had comics, the World of stories book (we both have published illustrations in) a bin of buttons, a Tik plush, business cards, sketch cards and some Fan Fair Fest flyers.

Tik is definitely a talking point, HAHA!
I had less, just a copy of World of stories, some flyers, business cards and some of the Daqueran buttons that featured my drawing.
In the future I'll have more stuff to feature about my own projects, but for now, This is what I got.

I wont post pictures of the other artists sections because it's really not my place to display their art work without permission but I was particularly in love with Reetta's work, she had an Animation Background up and some nice life drawing, Margot had some magnificent textural paintings up. I just adore them! Diane has some phenomenal classic looking paintings with a nice modern twist to them. She's really a magnificent artist! Maria's Work I've always been in love with and I got to see some new pieces from her. Varian Had a neat little sculpture of himself pushing a frame off the wall. It was awesome! I was really impressed with everyone's work.
I'd do it again, with way way way less food next time.

Right now I have a pretty powerful headache I've got under control and I'm going to spend a minimum of 3 hours I've got a timer on celtx) working on my screenplay.. I've yet again re worked the beginning.

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  1. It really was a brilliant, fun, positive and exciting evening indeed! :) I'd do it again any day.